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Avenue provides comprehensive, sustainable noise reduction for school

Improved acoustics ensure college’s expansion can proceed

With campuses in the Sydney suburbs of Auburn, Minto and Liverpool, Al-Faisal College is currently the largest Islamic school in Australia. The independent Islamic co-educational primary and secondary day school has more than 2,800 students.

The college faced a significant challenge when planning an enrolment expansion across their Auburn and Minto campuses. The increase in student population would inevitably lead to an escalation in noise levels, particularly in the undercover play areas.

The challenge

Al-Faisal College needed to demonstrate to governing bodies that they could effectively manage the noise that would be generated by the increase in students in their existing spaces.

In their search for a suitable specialist in noise control for educational environments, Al-Faisal College discovered Avenue Interior Systems.

The Avenue solution

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Al-Faisal College undertook initial acoustic testing and design work with an acoustic engineer, who recommended products of a certain acoustic performance to be installed in particular areas throughout the play areas.

After thorough discussions with Al-Faisal College and presenting them with product samples, Avenue Interior Systems recommended Calando Panel and Calando Acoustic Fabric as the best solutions to meet the project’s acoustic, aesthetic and installation requirements.

50mm thick Calando Panel is among the highest-performing acoustic products. With an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 1, it absorbs 100% of reverberated noise in higher frequencies – and it’s also available in a range of colours. The college selected grey panels on the ceiling for low maintenance, and blue and maroon panels for the walls to complement their existing aesthetic.

Acoustic product was needed for round pillars throughout the facility, so Calando Acoustic Fabric was chosen due to its flexibility. This fabric possesses an NRC of 0.40, absorbing 40% of reverberated sound. By installing Calando acoustic fabric on the pillars, the Avenue team ensured comprehensive noise reduction throughout the undercover play areas.

Both the Calando Panel and Calando Acoustic Fabric are fire rated, moisture resistant, and do not promote mould or mildew growth. These qualities ensure the durability and safety of the installed materials over time.

Given the scale of the project and the tight installation timeframes, Avenue enlisted the assistance of several experienced installers to implement the project. Both sites were installed simultaneously, with work on the larger project at Auburn continuing on for several weeks after Minto was completed.

Results achieved by Avenue

Avenue’s solution delivered exceptional acoustic results, surpassing Al-Faisal College’s expectations. The positive transformation of the learning areas can be clearly seen in the before-and-after video footage. The solutions implemented have significantly improved the school’s environment, creating a comfortable space for students and teachers. Most importantly, the noise reduction measures have effectively contained student chatter and sports noise within designated areas, preventing it from disturbing neighbouring properties.

Having successfully mitigated their noise issues, Al-Faisal College can now confidently proceed with their enrolment expansion plans. They now have the assurance that their undercover areas will not contribute to noise dispersion, allowing more students to join the institution without either compromising the learning environment or causing disruptions to neighbours nearby.

Avenue Interior Systems’ expertise in education noise control, along with our high-performance products, have provided Al-Faisal College with a comprehensive and sustainable noise reduction solution. The successful completion of this project further reinforces Avenue’s commitment to delivering innovative and effective acoustic solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

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