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The positive and negatives of open plan offices

How acoustic panels can boost privacy and productivity

It seems that open-plan offices have become the go-to design for the majority of modern offices. However, studies show that 85% of people who work in an open-plan office have dissatisfaction from too much noise, too many distractions, and a lack of privacy.

So why do we continue to build open office spaces? There are a few advantages:

  • Open office plans offer more flexibility – so as the need arises, design changes can be accommodated quickly and easily.
  • Shared open space encourages greater collaboration between colleagues.
  • Open offices are budget-friendly to build, since there are fewer walls to construct.

In spite of this, there’s no doubt that noise and other distractions are inevitable in an open office space, which can be counterproductive for employees and employers. Too much noise in space leads to 66% less productivity – perhaps due to the perception that open offices are disorganised and cluttered, leading to a chaotic and cluttered mindset for workers.

So what can be done to retain the advantages of open plan offices, while reducing the negatives?

How to create privacy in an open office

A massive 95% of people who work in an open office situation said that privacy is crucial to their productivity. Yet creating privacy in an open office situation doesn’t have to mean constructing walls to create individual office spaces. A more practical solution to create privacy is to add acoustic panels.

Acoustic panels such as ECO Desk or Calando Desk create organisation in an open space without cluttering the area and inhibiting collaboration. Both solutions are lightweight and easily relocatable to keep your office space dynamic and adaptable.

The flexibility of acoustic desk dividers helps employees feel more motivated, since it offers the opportunity to adapt the space rather than forcing them to conform to a traditional layout. ECO Desk and Calando Desk are customisable to the desk depth and come in a variety of heights. Both solutions are available in a variety of colours, and are pin receptive, allowing staff to personalise their working space even more.

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There’s no need to do away with the undoubted advantages of an open plan office, just to add more privacy for staff.

For more ideas about creating privacy in an open office, contact Avenue Interior Systems on 1300 827 177 or get in touch with us online.