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Soundproofing a noisy boardroom to improve usability

Transforming the Noisy Boardroom: Avenue Interior Systems’ Acoustic Solution

Initial project requirements

As one of the largest independent suppliers of hardware and timber in Queensland, Mitre 10 have supplied quality building materials and hardware to Australians for over 100 years.

Sunshine Mitre 10 Nambour was struggling with excessive noise – not in the hardware and timber part of the store as you might think, but in their boardroom.

The boardroom featured tiled floors, a full glass front, Gyprock internal walls, and a concrete ceiling – all hard surfaces that tend to reflect sound. Before the room was modernised, it featured a suspended ceiling. Unfortunately, after the space was renovated (which included removing the ceiling tiles), it was found to be even more reverberant thanks to the room’s only absorption having been removed.

Sunshine Mitre 10 contacted Avenue Interior Systems for help turning their unusable, wasted space into an aesthetically pleasing, acoustically sound boardroom.

Avenue’s solution

After initial discussions, Sunshine Mitre 10 sent Avenue photos and the dimensions of their boardroom. This information allowed the team to complete modelling to establish both the current reverberation time, and the projected reverberation time after installing absorptive products.

The Avenue team installed 25 mm thick black Calando Panels between the ceiling beams and lighting strips on the ceiling area, turning the boardroom back into a usable space. Importantly, installing the Calando Panels brought the room up to Australian standards.

Calando Panels are 100% acoustic polyester panels that are ideal for use on walls or ceiling surfaces. The panels’ versatility allows for complete design flexibility, with the option to use standard colours (white, black, or grey) or personalise with your branding or even add a photo.


The entire soundproofing project wowed the Mitre 10 team. Amazingly, from their initial enquiry to installation took only one week – well inside regular project times! The boardroom is now used for meetings and conferences and the improvements to the space have exceeded expectations.

Hi Katelyn,

This is just a follow-up note to thank you for your prompt attention to our project at Nambour. Your installers were excellent and did an amazing job; the finished product not only makes the room serviceable now due to the echo being all but eliminated but also aesthetically the panels with the shadow-line joint finishes of the room off perfectly.

I have included some photos of the finished product.

Once again – thank you.


Deen Saint – Group Trade Manager

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We look forward to Designing Your Silence.