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Solving noise issues for a Sydney co-working space

Calando Panels from Avenue Interior Systems help solve reverberation

Fishburners is a well-known co-working space provider in Sydney, Australia. It is a community of startups, entrepreneurs and innovators who come together to share ideas, collaborate and work on their projects. Fishburners offers a range of co-working options for their members, including hot desking, private offices and function rooms – all designed with modern styles and aesthetics in mind.

The challenge

Unfortunately, due to their hard, sound-reflective concrete and glass surfaces, the company’s function and workshop rooms had significant reverberation problems. This noisy environment was understandably putting clients off using the spaces.

Fishburners put the challenge to Avenue Interior Systems to find a discreet and effective solution that would reduce noise levels while maintaining the spaces’ aesthetics.

The Avenue Solution

After analysing the facility and undertaking acoustic calculations, Avenue recommended our Calando Panels as the perfect solution to the noise issue. High-performance acoustic panels that are designed to absorb sound waves and reduce noise levels, Calando Panels are available in a variety of finishes and colours. It makes them an ideal solution for any interior design.

The installation process was carried out with minimal disruption to the co-working space’s day-to-day operations, and was completed in a timely and efficient manner.


Results Achieved by Avenue

Fishburners were extremely happy with the results. They appreciated the discreet nature of the solution, noting that the Calando Panels blended seamlessly with the ceiling. The co-working space’s clients were also impressed with the improvement in noise levels, which made the space more conducive to work.

“We hired Avenue Interior Systems to install ceiling panels in our event spaces as we needed to fix the echo in our space,” Fishburners co-founder Jane Oja said. “We have concrete walls and glass operable walls, so the echo was pretty bad and was putting our clients off.”

“As our walls have art on them, we needed a discreet solution that would also not be a trip hazard (such as carpets),” Ms Oja said. “So we found Avenue who were able to offer us a perfect solution and install their white ceiling panels.”

“We are extremely happy with the result and all the echo is gone. Thank you so much and we would highly recommend Avenue Interior Systems.”

If your office space needs acoustic treatment, contact the team at Avenue Interior Systems today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.