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Solutions for that noisy co-worker

How to solve the challenges of working in an open office

“Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo….

Who is singing along with me? Don’t deny it – most of you are humming along, potentially annoying a co-worker or two. It’s okay – I do it practically every day!

But if you sit next to a vocal co-worker and you don’t share their taste in music, there are easier ways of silencing them than banishing them to the spare office and shutting the door. It’s a commercial noise control solution.

Avenue Interior Systems design acoustically and aesthetically pleasing spaces by applying quality and attractive acoustic products.

Working in an open-plan office

Eye-catching cover image for the Ultimate Guide to Noise Control for your Office, featuring a compelling visual that encapsulates the importance of effective noise management in creating a productive and harmonious work environment.
Download a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Noise Control for your Office.

In all seriousness, working in an open-plan office has many benefits, including collaboration and brainstorming. Yet it also has many downsides. These may come in the form of distractions which can decrease productivity, and if they continue long-term, they can even lead to health issues and increased sick leave.

Commercial acoustic products for offices

Some of the fantastic products that your Project Consultant may offer you include:

ECO Desk – An extremely versatile product, ECO Desk can hang from ceilings or be attached to a stand to divide desk spaces. If you are concerned about not being able to see the person beside or opposite you, a vision panel can be added to the divider.

Calando Booth – Equally useful at home and in the office, Calando Booth encloses the worker and their computer to create a quiet space. This allows them to complete their individual tasks and participate in web-based meetings without distraction.

ECO Wall – Ideal for creating a vibrant look for any office, ECO Wall is available in various colours.  ECO Wall allows you to create fun patterns on your wall and is pin receptive – all while improving the acoustics of your office space.

Calando Panel – Our highest absorbency product, the amazing Calando Panel can be applied to both ceilings and walls. Choose black, white or grey panels to blend into standard surrounds, or wrap them in fabric to match any colour scheme. Or the best part? You can even print a photo onto the panel to make it a feature in your space!

If you are worried about losing the office’s vibrancy once your singing co-worker is silenced – never fear! Avenue products are customisable and available in a wide range of colours.

You don’t need to resort to drastic measures to get peace in your office, just contact the friendly team at Avenue Interior Systems today on 1300 827 177.