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Seamless acoustic solution to reflected sound in staffroom

Key Motors dealership enjoys a more comfortable work environment

Located in Townsville Queensland, Key Motors is a vehicle dealership specialising in the Subaru and Mazda marques. Their team are passionate about offering a great range of vehicles and services combined with outstanding customer service. Yet they faced a challenge.

The challenge

The dealership faced significant noise issues in their staffroom, thanks to reflected sound. The predominantly white aesthetic of the dealership meant that any acoustic solution would either have to blend in seamlessly or stand out in a visually appealing manner.

The Avenue solution

After consulting closely with our client, Avenue proposed implementing 50 mm white Calando Panels to solve the noise challenge. These panels were carefully chosen for their ability to absorb 100% of reflected sound effectively, their fire-rated properties, and their resistance to microbial growth.

Considering the unique requirements of the dealership, these panels proved to be an ideal choice for addressing the noise problem in the spaces identified.

Results achieved by Avenue

The results achieved by Avenue’s acoustic solution surpassed expectations, and the staffroom now boasts significantly improved acoustics. Installing the 50 mm Calando Panels has effectively reduced reverberation, leading to a more comfortable and productive environment both for employees and customers. In fact, the panels were so successful that Key Motors are looking at adding Calando Panel to their Service Department!

One of the key successes of the project was the seamless integration of the acoustic panels into their existing surroundings. The white Calando Panels seamlessly blend with the dealership’s predominantly white aesthetic, helping to maintain the space’s visual appeal. The careful selection of these panels has resolved the noise issues and enhanced the overall ambience of the staffroom and service department.

Key Motors can now enjoy the benefits of a quieter and more comfortable work environment, allowing their staff to communicate more effectively, and providing an enhanced customer experience.

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