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Noisy church foyer made more comfortable with Calando Panels

Avenue’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures successful outcome

C3 Monash Church in Canberra is a community of everyday people who value and seek authenticity in their relationships with Canberrans of all ages and from all walks of life.

Their stated mission is to connect people to Jesus & His church, grow mature disciples, and reach the lost. Yet they faced a challenge with the noise levels in their foyer area, which served as a central meeting location for the facility and also included a café.

The challenge

The space’s architectural design featured a high and angled ceiling measuring six to eight metres. While impressive, this design element resulted in excessive noise reverberation, which made it difficult for churchgoers to converse.

Seeking a solution that combined both effectiveness and aesthetic appeal, C3 Monash’s business manager reached out to Avenue Interior Systems for assistance.

The Avenue solution

Avenue proposed a tailored solution that would address the reverberation issue in C3 Monash Church’s foyer. After careful evaluation, the Avenue team recommended the installation of Calando Panels on the ceiling.

Calando Panels are known for their high sound absorption capabilities and are designed to integrate seamlessly with an existing space. With their plain white and unobtrusive appearance, the panels offered an effective noise reduction solution while maintaining the desired visual aesthetic.

Results achieved by Avenue

Installing Calando Panels in C3 Monash Church’s foyer yielded significant results. The panels successfully mitigated the excessive noise levels, creating a more conducive environment for conversation and social interactions.

The church’s business manager expressed satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “Overall, we are very happy with the installation of the panels. They have made a marked difference to sound quality in our foyer without considering wall panels, which is great.”

When one panel showed creasing – affecting its visual appeal – Avenue’s commitment to performance and aesthetics became clearly evident. The Avenue team willingly refitted the affected panel at no additional cost, demonstrating their dedication to customer satisfaction. C3 Monash Church’s business manager appreciated Avenue’s response.

By installing Calando Panels on the ceiling, Avenue successfully addressed the noise challenges of the foyer area with an effective and visually pleasing sound absorption solution. The church experienced a noticeable improvement in sound quality for its members and visitors.

For more information on solutions to acoustic concerns for community facilities, contact the Avenue team today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing your Silence.