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The impact of excessive noise on remote teaching

How Calando Booth can address noise challenges for students and teachers

Ever since 2020, the global pandemic has undoubtedly taken many of us out of our comfort zones – and that’s especially true for those in the education field. Teachers have had to adapt to empty classrooms and remote and online teaching methods.

There’s little doubt that remote teaching has more challenges to overcome than in-classroom education. Teachers need to battle:

  • Isolation
  • Lack of motivation
  • Technical difficulties with online teaching tools
  • Time-consuming resources (making online resources)
  • Increased distractions, including from noise

Unfortunately, teachers will have to work through most of the challenges above themselves. Yet Avenue Interior Systems can help with one very important thing: reducing noise distractions for teachers and students.


Noise distractions for teachers working remotely

Teaching and learning remotely brings different distractions to those typically found in a normal face-to-face classroom. These include:

  • Other occupants in the house
  • Other activities going on in the house – such as the dishwasher working, or the TV playing.

To reduce these distractions and improve the quality of communications between the teacher and remote students, at Avenue we recommend our Calando Booth.

The benefits of Calando Booth for teachers

Calando Booth is designed to surround your workspace to reduce the number of distractions. As a teacher you won’t be able to see the pile of washing awaiting your attention, or the annoying housemate or partner just over the other side of the room.

It will also reduce the chance of any visual and noise distractions from your side transferring to the online student, making your voice and instruction clearer to hear and easier to understand.

The benefits of Calando Booth for students

If your students have a Calando Booth in their home, they receive similar benefits. The booth surrounds the student, reducing distractions from siblings and allowing them to focus on learning.

Their voice will also be more precise when answering questions and discussing topics with you.

Talk to Avenue about soundproofing solutions for remote education

Calando Booth offers many benefits for both students and teachers. Easy to assemble and disassemble, the booth can be packed up and put away after the school day, or taken to the classroom to create individual learning spaces for students or a quiet area for yourself.

For more information on Calando Booth or any Avenue Interior Systems product, contact the team on 1300 827 177.