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Noise and Childhood Mental Illness

This article is difficult to write as a sufferer of anxiety and a parent to three young children. While researching the impacts of noise and mental health, the information we found was shocking, especially concerning children.

Research conducted in 2013-2014 discovered that 17% of boys and 11% of girls had mental illnesses. Sadly, this number is growing. However, through the increasing level of support, the young sufferers also have the greatest opportunity for intervention and recovery.

The two most common mental health disorders that children suffer from include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and anxiety.

The survey revealed that ADHD – a condition where children have difficulty with attention, impulsive behaviours, hyperactivity, or a combination of these problems – is more common in boys.

Girls tend to suffer more from anxiety disorders – persistent fears, worries, or anxiety that disrupt their ability to participate in school or typical age-appropriate social situations. How we can help our kids:

  1. Talk to them – normalise mental health
  2. Reinforce positive behaviours
  3. Reduce triggers/stressors – such as noise

Noise sensitivity and childhood mental health

Sound sensitivity is common among children with mental health issues – hearing noises may cause the sufferer to feel overwhelmed as though they cannot control their thoughts and the world around them.

Noise pollution can temporarily increase blood pressure, which is for a non-sufferer will only last momentarily. However, for a child who suffers from a mental health condition, once a sense heightens, it can take effort and control to return to a base.

Avenue Interior Systems understands the importance of reducing triggers for children and young adults suffering from mental health. We can help you reduce the impact of noise on those in your care. Our solutions are discreet and blend into the surrounds of your space. Calando Panels apply to walls and ceilings, or we have pin-friendly options; Calando One and Calando Acoustic Fabric.

We are not saying we are experts in childhood mental health; however, we know noise and its negative impacts on physical and mental health.