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Dallas Brooks CPS after Calando Panel treatment.

Dallas Brooks Community Primary School

Avenue Interior Systems Create Pleasant Learning Environment for Primary School Dallas Brooks Community Primary School is a primary school based in Broadmeadows Victoria. Dallas Brooks CPS is an award-winning Microsoft Showcase School. “Our educator and schools’ programs were created to recognize the global leader and educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way […]

Restaurant Noise - Drink More

How to Identify Restaurant Noise

In recent years the number of complaints about restaurant noise has increased. It is now the second most common complaint among restaurant-goers – second behind poor service! Noise is becoming such an issue in restaurants that critics add it to their reviews, and there is even an app which tells patrons the locations of quieter […]

Avenue Interior Systems - Calando One Acoustic Panel

Absorption, Diffusion or a Combination

Today’s younger generations expect noise. We have grown used to open offices and noisy public spaces, however, it is taking its toll. Too much noise can lead to health issues, stress, insomnia and diabetes. When working in a noisy environment such as education, public spaces, offices and medical facilities, you are potentially experiencing the Lombard […]

Avenue Interior Systems - Privacy in a Doctors office is important

Hospital Noise and Patients Well Being

Hospital Noise and Potential Health Hazards In Creating Acoustically Sound Hospitals, we noted that machines used to improve our health could be the very things that impede our recovery. The noise from Heart rate monitors Blood pressure machines Drips and Oxygen machines increase noise levels in hospitals to above the recommended noise level set by […]

Avenue Interior Systems - Calando Booth for Education

What is Classroom Noise?

Too much classroom noise can cause discomfort for the student and the teacher. The student may experience learning difficulties, and the teacher may suffer from irreversible health issues. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a maximum noise level in classrooms of 35 dB however 50% of schools average 70 dB, double the WHO’s recommendations and […]

Avenue Interior Systems - Soundproofing booth

Returning to Office Noise

The Government released a plan for Australia to return to work – after working from home for many months, working with colleagues again will make office noise more noticeable. Avenue Interior Systems products are ideal for noise control and can divide spaces to isolate employees from each other. A Phased Return to Work The Government […]

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Open Plan Office Noise Solution

For Compass Housing Services Compass Housing Services provides secure and affordable housing for low to moderate-income earning households, as well as for disadvantaged people who have difficulties sourcing adequate and affordable accommodation. The company recently refurbished its Newcastle office. Once they completed the renovations and started using their new space, they discovered the acoustics were […]

Avenue Interior Systems - Calando Booth

Home Office Noise Reduction…

The Calando Booth! Working from home was popular before COVID-19 forced us into lockdown – as a result of the Corona Virus working from home is more common than attending the office. Before this change, the focus of office soundproofing was how the “office” noise impacted the person working from home and the clarity of […]