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New Product! ECO Phone Booth

Stylish, fully customisable and the ideal solution to telephone conversation noise… introducing Avenue Interior System’s ECO Phone Booth.

The booth is designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest international quality and environmental standards. It is acoustically tested and certified to reduce excess noise – creating the perfect place to hold phone conversations, especially in an open plan office environment.

No longer do we need to be distracted by a phone conversation taking place nearby. No longer do we need to shout to be heard over our colleagues who are on the phone. No longer do we need to step into another room to hold a conversation that is confidential.

The ECO Phone Booth fixes all the traditional challenges experienced regarding phone calls in an open plan office. It provides a quiet, private space to hold a call which absorbs noise to minimise the distraction of your conversation on those around you.

Even when it isn’t being used as a phone hub, the ECO Phone Booth is so absorptive it helps to reduce echo and reverberation in the office it is placed in.

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