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How to ensure the best acoustics in a church

Noise control solutions that blend into their surroundings

Churches are some of the oldest buildings in the world – in fact, the oldest church at Aqaba in Jordan dates back to AD 293-303. As the eras progressed, so did churches, leading to some of the finest architectural features you will see in your lifetime.

Through the ages, many different places of worship have been created – from the flat ceilings of a monastery to the lofty ceilings of a cathedral. Today, many churches are designed in a theatre style to allow many people to worship, sing and celebrate together. Designing and building a church in this theatre style allows the space to be more versatile and support more uses than just traditional church services.

Many church patrons use audio equipment such as microphones to communicate their message. And since COVID times, many church communities are completing services via video conferences. These changes mean a church’s acoustics need to be perfect to ensure the message’s clarity.

Yet traditionally, acoustics was certainly not the focal point of a church design. This means that with changes in church layout, increased attendance, and modernisation in the way messages are delivered, a lot of churches struggle with excess noise and difficulty hearing within their facilities.

Fortunately, Avenue Interior Systems offer a range of acoustic solutions that blend into their surroundings to avoid detracting from a building’s beauty or confusing interior design and décor.

Noise control options for churches 

The expert team at Avenue have used many different products in church refurbishment.

Calando Panel is a sophisticated acoustic polyester panel for wall and ceiling surfaces for maximum sound absorption. Calando Panel can hide amongst beams and blend into walls. Available in white or black, they can also be custom covered with any Calando fabric to suit your church’s colour scheme.

Calando One Panels are the culmination of simplicity, aesthetics and acoustic control. Available in 23 colours and two acoustic ratings, the panels can be cut, layered and printed to meet every design requirement.

ECO Wall is a thermo bonded sound-absorbent panel that can be hung as wall panels, used as ceiling baffles, or suspended in a standard ceiling grid. Available in three sizes and many fabric finishes, ECOwall reduces reverberated noise and improve office ambience.

Calando Booth is specifically for people using telephone calls and videoconferencing platforms. They will enhance the audio quality to ensure your voice is easily heard and understood.

Talk to Avenue about soundproofing solutions for churches 

The Avenue team have successfully addressed noise challenges of churches with effective and visually pleasing sound absorption solutions.

For more information on improving your church’s acoustics, contact the Avenue Interior Systems team today on 1300 827 177.