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Improving acoustics at a regional cinema

Customer experience enhanced thanks to Avenue

“It looks a million dollars considering how run down it looked before!”

An asset of the Western Downs Regional Council, Chinchilla Cinema was looking tired and lacklustre. Deciding to refurbish the cinema to create a wonderful, customer-friendly space, the Council outsourced the project to AV specialists Visual Focus.

Avenue Interior Systems has a long-standing working relationship with Visual Focus. Together we have created many aesthetically pleasing spaces while achieving optimal acoustics.

The challenge

The cinema refurbishment was a major undertaking: everything old would become new again! With the goal of making the cinema fresh and classy, the council would replace acoustic panels, carpet, chairs and lighting.

When working on a large public space such as a cinema, it’s important to consider factors such as how light will move around the space, the cleanability of the acoustic panels, and of course their acoustic performance.

The Avenue solution

Wanting to get the project right, the Council engaged both an architect and Toowoomba-based Visual Focus, an integrated audio-visual design specialist. Visual Focus uses advanced technology, expertise and high-quality workmanship to deliver outstanding AV solutions. They contacted Avenue’s sister company AcousTech for technical acoustic advice for the project.

When creating an immersive cinema space, there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Acoustics
  • Light reflectiveness, and
  • The location of the acoustic panels.

The key to creating an aesthetically pleasing, acoustically sound, non-reflective space was Avenue’s black Calando Panels. Visual Focus ordered several 50 mm Calando Panels for four wall areas and Avenue custom-made bass traps using the panels, for installation in the top corners of the room.

Calando Panel is a highly durable 100% polyester product, available in a range of thicknesses, colours and custom designs. In this instance, black was the perfect solution for the cinema as it achieved the absorption required and didn’t reflect light around the room.

From the council’s original enquiry with Acoustech in November 2020 to the finished installation by Avenue took just three months, almost to the day. Given the number of trades involved in the Chinchilla Cinema refurbishment, this was a timely project completion.

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Results achieved by Avenue

Installation of the black 50 mm Calando Panel met and exceeded the expectations of both the Council and Visual Focus. The Council now enjoys an aesthetically pleasing, acoustically comfortable cinema, allowing customers to fully immerse themselves in the movie-going experience.

The success of the Chinchilla cinema project has also cemented the working relationship between Avenue Interior Systems and Visual Focus.

For more information on Calando Panel or any Avenue Interior Systems products, contact the team today on 1300 827 177.

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