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How to Improve Sound Quality for Live Streaming and Web-based Meetings

6 tips from the soundproofing experts at Avenue


To create the best experience for your audience when live streaming or conducting web-based meetings, achieving optimal sound quality is essential. Poor sound quality can be distracting, or even make it difficult for listeners to hear every word.

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve the sound quality of your live stream or web-based meeting and impress your listeners.

1) Minimise the distance between microphone and mouth

One of the easiest ways to improve sound quality is to reduce the distance between the person speaking and their microphone. Simply put, the closer the microphone is to the mouth, the better the sound quality.

Think about using a head-worn mic to put the least distance between your mouth and the mic. This will also help pick up consonant sounds more clearly.

2) Decrease the amount of reverb

Reverberations occur when sound bounces off surfaces around a speaker, creating an echo-like effect. This can be distracting for listeners and reduce the clarity of your voice.

To reduce reverb, try recording in a smaller space or adding acoustic treatments to the walls. This will help absorb the sound and reduce unwanted noise.

3) Make the room soundproof

Soundproofing is an effective way to stop sound from echoing and creating unwanted noise. Commercial soundproofing options – such as those from Avenue Interior Systems – offer the most powerful sound absorption for your live stream or web-based meeting. By soundproofing the room, you can ensure that your audience only hears what you want them to hear!

4) Consider purchasing a higher-quality interface

A high-quality interface between the microphone and your laptop or computer can improve the power and clarity of your sound. By investing in a better interface, you can take your live stream or web-based meeting to the next level, ensuring that your sound is of the highest possible quality.

5) Be mindful of the calibre of your equipment

It’s simple: using high-quality gear, such as excellent soundproofing and microphones, will produce high-quality sound. So if you’re serious about creating a professional and engaging live stream or web-based meeting, investing in the best gear is a must.

6) Conduct a pre-check before you go live

To catch any potential problems, it’s essential to test your audio and microphone placement before you begin streaming. This will give you time to troubleshoot and ensure that everything is working correctly before you go live.

Talk to Avenue about soundproofing solutions

Achieving good sound quality is essential for creating a positive experience for your audience during live streaming or web-based meetings. By following these tips, you can improve the sound quality of your content and ultimately, impress your listeners. That’s why it pays to check out the soundproofing solutions available from Avenue. Our friendly team can provide you with the advice and guidance you need to achieve optimal audio quality.

If you’d like to know more about our acoustic products, please get in touch with the Avenue team.