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How Acoustic Treatment Helped Enhance the Customer Experience

Hecho En Mexico in Eltham benefits from Avenue’s expertise

Located in the heart of Eltham, the Hecho En Mexico restaurant had only been open for a month – yet they were already receiving a lot of noise complaints.

Yet despite the restaurant’s beautiful interior styling, the team were facing a significant problem with excessive noise levels, which was leading to customer dissatisfaction.

The challenge

High noise levels in the restaurant were affecting diners’ overall experience. This was primarily due to the use of hard surfaces in the restaurant’s construction: timber flooring, Gyprock and tiled walls, hard furniture, and solid ceiling tiles.

All of these hard, sound-reflective surfaces reflected sound waves and caused them to bounce around the room. As a result, the noise levels in the restaurant were significantly higher, making it difficult for customers to enjoy their meals.

Seeking to solve this issue without compromising the venue’s aesthetic appeal, the restaurant management reached out to Avenue Interior Systems for help with acoustic treatment.

The Avenue Solution

To solve the challenge, Avenue provided the restaurant with black Calando Panels, which were custom-cut to the size of the ceiling tiles. These panels are made from high-quality sound-absorbing material and were designed to enhance the acoustics of the space without detracting from the restaurant’s aesthetics. Hecho En Mexico installed the ceiling tiles themselves, during non-operating hours to avoid any disruption to the business.

Results Achieved by Avenue

The use of sound-absorbing panels immediately helped to improve the room’s acoustics, making it a more comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for customers – as well as a more pleasant and comfortable place for staff to work.

Hecho En Mexico Eltham were very pleased with the results of the installation and plan to purchase more tiles from Avenue in the future. The team are confident in the quality of Calando Panels and the level of service provided by Avenue Interior Systems.

“Really happy with the service and performance of the product we got… very professional and helpful team to deal with… would highly recommend!!” Prateek – Hecho En Mexico Eltham

If your hospitality venue needs acoustic treatment, contact the team at Avenue Interior Systems today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.