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Creating a More Pleasant Learning Environment for a Primary School

Calando Panels solve problems with reverberation and echoes 

Located in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Dallas Brooks Community Primary School is an award-winning Microsoft Showcase School. Staff and students take pride in their high-class learning environments.

They state, “Our educator and schools’ programs were created to recognise the global leader and educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers in the effective use of technology for better learning and student outcomes.”

Unfortunately, they school had concerns with the noise levels in their new purpose-built classrooms. They contacted Avenue Interior Systems for advice.

The challenge

The classrooms’ ceiling and all its walls were constructed of hard materials, which caused any sounds made within the classrooms to reverberate around the space and essentially be amplified.

Because of these challenges with reverberation and echoes, students were struggling to hear their teacher and classmates talking. This led them to raise their voices, resulting in a loud and unpleasant classroom atmosphere.

Teachers were also having to raise their voices over the din of the classroom, leading to voice strain, exhaustion and illness.

The Avenue Solution

Project Consultants from Avenue Interior Systems worked with the principal of Dallas Brooks Community Primary School and AcousTech’s senior acoustic engineer. Together they designed a solution that would ensure the classroom noise levels were within acceptable reverberation limits in accordance to Australian Standards.

25mm white Calando Panels were chosen for their clean, unobtrusive aesthetic, high acoustic performance, and cost effectiveness.

Results Achieved by Avenue

Following the Calando Panels’ installation, the classroom is quieter, more comfortable, and a much more appropriate learning space.

The teachers at Dallas Brooks were delighted with the results – it meant they could teach without straining their voices to be heard!

The classroom teacher noticed a remarkable difference in the sound, saying, “Thank you for everything. We are delighted with the work – if we ever need further work, we will be in contact.”

In fact, Dallas Brooks Community Primary School were so impressed by the difference the acoustic treatment made to their classrooms, that they approached Avenue a few months later for a further solution for their year one and two classrooms.

If you have a noise challenge in your classroom, contact Avenue Interior Systems on 1300 827 177 for a tailored solution.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.