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Creating a vibrant and acoustically optimised library space

Norfolk Island Central School’s library is transformed by Avenue

Norfolk Island Central School is a unique P-12 school located on Norfolk Island, approximately 1,400km east of Byron Bay in the South Pacific.

The school’s staff work with high levels of dedication and commitment to serve both their students and the Norfolk Island community. Yet they faced a challenge in the library area, where excessive noise and echo were impeding the space’s necessary quiet environment.

The challenge

Although the concept of a traditional library has evolved, maintaining an atmosphere of tranquillity is still important. With excessive noise and echo becoming problems, it was clear that the school’s library required effective noise control measures and the integration of absorbent materials to address the issue.

The Avenue solution

To tackle the library’s noise problem, the Avenue team proposed implementing acoustic fabric as an effective solution. This specialised fabric was carefully selected and discussed with the client to ensure optimal results. With its ability to absorb 40% of reflected sound, the acoustic fabric provided a practical solution for reducing noise levels within the space.

Norfolk Island Central School opted for a vibrant, brightly coloured finish for the wall absorption, elevating the noise control solution into a visually appealing feature of the library. An added advantage of this noise control product was its compatibility with hook and loop fasteners, which allowed the school to utilise wall space for posters, artwork, and announcements without losing functionality.

Results achieved by Avenue

The absorptive solution implemented by Avenue has yielded remarkable results, to the satisfaction of both the school’s teachers and library users. The introduction of brightly coloured acoustic fabric successfully addressed the noise issue, and captivated the attention of the children who use the space. The vibrant colours added an element of visual interest and enhanced the library’s overall aesthetic appeal.

By combining functionality with an attractive design, Avenue successfully transformed the library into an engaging and acoustically optimised environment for students and educators alike.

For more information about solving reverberation issues in educational spaces, contact the Avenue team today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing your Silence.