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Commercial noise control trends to look out for in 2024

How the industry is working to create a quieter, healthier environment

In recent years there has been a growing emphasis on noise control across various industries. The awareness of the detrimental effects of noise pollution on human health, along with the need to comply with stricter regulations, have driven this trend.

As we look ahead to 2024, businesses and individuals will increasingly prioritise noise control to create quieter and healthier environments. Let’s take a look at some of the key trends in commercial noise control, along with the solutions that will be offered by the expert team at Avenue Interior Systems.

1) Using sound-absorbing materials

One prominent trend in noise control is using sound-absorbing materials. As their name suggests, these innovative solutions are designed to absorb sound waves, thereby reducing noise transmission through a space. They’re ideal for use in diverse settings including buildings, vehicles, and industrial environments.

Recognising the significance of these materials, Avenue Interior Systems offers a range of sound-absorbing products specifically designed to provide effective noise reduction.

2) Implementing noise-cancelling technology

Another trend gaining traction is the use of noise-cancelling technology. This cutting-edge approach involves deploying electronic devices that emit sound waves to counteract and cancel out external noise sources.

Noise-cancelling headphones – that provide people with a peaceful auditory experience even in noisy surroundings – are one well-known example of noise-cancelling devices.

Understanding the importance of noise-cancelling technology, the Avenue team are well-versed in incorporating into our solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

3) Turning to natural and green solutions

In line with the world’s increasing emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness, a focus on using natural and green solutions for noise control is on the rise.

These solutions leverage plants and other natural materials to absorb sound waves and reduce noise levels in indoor and outdoor environments. Apart from effectively reducing noise, these solutions also enhance air quality and create a more pleasant atmosphere for occupants.

Recognising the value of these eco-friendly approaches, Avenue offers noise control products that incorporate natural elements. Many of Avenue’s products are Greenguard Gold Certifiedone of the best certifications in the industry. While it ensures you have a low-VOC emitting product, it doesn’t always guarantee clean air. Even Greenguard Gold Certified products emit some chemicals, and some products are microbial resistant. It’s one example why, in 2024, we want to educate more of our customers on the standards that products are tested to.

Looking forward to the future of noise control with Avenue

As businesses and individuals become more aware of the adverse effects of noise pollution, the demand for effective commercial noise control solutions continues to grow. In 2024, trends such as sound-absorbing materials, noise-cancelling technology, and natural and green solutions are sure to shape the noise control landscape.

As a leader in the industry, Avenue Interior Systems is committed to meeting this demand and providing tailored noise control products and services. Businesses can create quieter and healthier environments for improved productivity and wellbeing by prioritising noise reduction.

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Whether you need to integrate sound-absorbing materials, implement noise-cancelling technology, or utilise natural and green solutions, Avenue Interior Systems is here to help you achieve a quieter, more peaceful environment.

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