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Celebrate Christmas in July with a peaceful twist

How to enjoy the festivities without the noise

More and more people are discovering that celebrating Christmas in July is a great way to avoid the usual hustle and bustle of the December holiday season. So to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience, it’s important to properly prepare your hospitality venue.

Creating the ideal festive season ambience

Ensuring your venue has the perfect “holiday season” ambience will help all your guests to feel the festive spirit. There are some obvious places to start, such as adorning the area with timeless Christmas decorations like a beautifully decorated tree, sparkly tinsel, and a charming Santa Claus figurine. You’ll also no doubt plan to prepare a scrumptious Christmas feast with delicious and filling dishes to elevate the experience for your guests.

Perhaps equally important though is creating a tranquil atmosphere to ensure a pleasant experience for your customers. Your venue’s noise levels can significantly impact the mood and comfort of your guests, which is why you should work to ensure your visitors can converse easily.

Guests should not have any trouble hearing each other, and your staff should not have to raise their voices just to be heard. Doing so will help to enhance your customers’ satisfaction, and prevent any potential complaints from your employees around excessive noise.

Signs your venue has too much noise

So how can you tell if your establishment is just too noisy for a comfortable Christmas in July? Your hospitality venue may have too much noise if you notice:

1) Difficulty hearing

If you and your customers are having trouble hearing each other, it’s a clear sign that noise levels are too high.

2) Complaints from customers

Get onto this one quickly: if your customers are complaining about the noise level, it’s a sure bet that your venue is too loud.

3) High volume levels

Is the music or other audio in your venue too loud? If so, this can create a lot of noise and lead to an uncomfortable environment for everyone.

4) Complaints from nearby businesses or residences

If the noise from your venue is spilling over into other businesses or residences, this is a sign that it’s too loud.

5) High noise levels at peak times

If the noise level increases significantly during peak times, it could be an indication that you need to take steps to control the noise.

6) Staff fatigue

If your staff are experiencing unusual fatigue, it could be a sign that your venue is too loud and you’re your team are working in a noisy environment.

Talk to Avenue about hospitality soundproofing solutions

To address these issues, consider measures such as adjusting the volume of your audio system, implementing policies to control noise levels during peak times, and especially installing sound-absorbing materials from Avenue Interior Systems.

Calando Panels by Avenue are basic yet sophisticated acoustic polyester panels that can be applied to any wall or ceiling surface for maximum sound absorption. They’re available in white or black – and importantly, can also be custom covered with any Calando Rise fabric to suit your venue’s colour scheme.

For more information, get in touch with the expert team at Avenue Interior Systems on 1300 827 177.