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Australian Olympic Committee enjoys improved acoustics and aesthetics.

Avenue’s solution helps reduce reverberation and excess noise

The Australian Olympic Committee is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, committed to the development of youth and sport. The Committee has the responsibility of selecting, sending, and funding Australian teams to the Olympic Games.

The AOC is housed in office space within the Museum of Contemporary Art on George Street in Sydney’s CBD.

The challenge

The Australian Olympic Committee faced a significant challenge with excessive noise in their CEO’s office and a meeting room. Both spaces were characterised by hard surfaces, including their walls and ceilings, which resulted in sound amplification and reverberation throughout the rooms. This created a disruptive environment for meetings and hindered productivity.

The Avenue solution

To address the noise issue, Avenue Interior Systems proposed an effective solution that was tailored to the specific requirements of the Australian Olympic Committee.

To alleviate the noise concerns in the CEO’s office, Avenue strategically installed 25mm Calando Panels on both the ceiling and the walls. These panels are designed to reduce reverberation and control sound volume, creating a more acoustically balanced environment. Installing the Calando Panels significantly improved the overall sound quality in the CEO’s office.

For the meeting room, Avenue installed a combination of 25mm Calando Panels on the ceiling and ECOwall acoustic tiles on the walls. This dual approach further mitigated reverberation and sound reflection within the space.

As an added bonus, the ECOwall tiles provided aesthetic appeal along with their acoustic functionality. By incorporating the Olympic Committee’s corporate colours into the design, the ECOwall tiles became a visually striking statement piece within the meeting room.

Results achieved by Avenue

The partnership between the Australian Olympic Committee and Avenue resulted in a successful resolution to the office space’s acoustic challenges.

The treated spaces experienced a significant reduction in noise levels and reverberation, which has helped improve speech intelligibility and overall acoustic comfort. The CEO’s office and meeting room saw remarkable sound quality and ambience transformations.

Installing Calando Panels and ECOwall acoustic tiles has substantially improved both noise reduction and reverberation control, significantly enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of both the CEO’s office and the meeting room.

The decorative ECOwall tiles have also received widespread praise, adding a touch of visual elegance while effectively enhancing the meeting room’s acoustics. The AOC have received numerous positive comments about the aesthetically pleasing panels, further highlighting the success of Avenue’s solution.

For more information about solving office reverberation, contact the Avenue team today on 1300 827 177.

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