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AIS Create a Quieter, More Relaxing Space for Staff

Bundaberg Christian College has over 100 teachers and over 800 students. That’s nearly 1000 people from prep to adulthood conversing, learning, and playing in the one area.

As you can imagine, the teachers need somewhere to go on breaks to reset and recharge. The beautiful new staffroom and shared kitchen offer this area of reprieve for the staff.


Due to its design and furnishings, the staffroom at Bundaberg Christian College was noisy, echoey and uncomfortable, hardly a space conducive to recuperating between lessons.  No door to the room meant the chatter of dozens of teachers bounded its way down the hallway to the administration area where staff are still working during the breaks.


To improve the acoustic comfort for the recuperating teachers and reduce disruptions to the administration team, we installed Calando Panels on the ceiling of the staffroom and the hallway.

We also custom cut our Calando One panels for decorative acoustic absorption and installed them on various walls throughout the staffroom and hallway – they look like artwork instead of an obvious noise control solution.

The acoustic panels have a two-fold approach to reducing sound within the area. The panels in the staffroom absorb noise within the room, making it quieter and more comfortable overall. The panels in the hallway absorb sound, which bounces down the hall, greatly reducing the noise impact on staff in other areas.


The results have been received so well by the teachers and administration team that everyone wants acoustic treatment in their classrooms!

“It’s worked amazingly. It’s awesome. Everyone else is coming asking for it in their rooms now, they’ve all realised how noisy they are. Let us know next time you’re up this way and we’ll look at doing some other areas.”