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Creating a more Acoustically Sound Multi-Purpose Hall

Improving comfort for students and teachers at St Monica’s Catholic Primary School

St Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Oakey, Queensland caters for students from the local township and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the primary school had a multi-purpose hall that was not acoustically sound.

The challenge

Like all multi-purpose halls, the building design was full of hard surfaces in order to cater for a variety of uses, from sports and concerts to assemblies and presentations. This construction meant that the room had a very strong echo, and any noise made in the hall was very loud. It made using the space difficult.

St Monica’s had heard of Avenue Interior Systems’ success completing a similar project for Bunker’s Hill State School. The school approached Avenue looking to benefit from the team’s expertise and knowledge of solving these kinds of acoustic challenges.

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The Avenue Solution

Avenue’s acoustic consultancy division AcousTech visited the site to undertake a full sound assessment of the multi-purpose hall. From this information, AcousTech was able to determine the acoustic challenges faced by St Monica’s, and to design a solution to meet their requirements.

The Avenue team then visited the school to assess the building’s construction, and determine the best installation methods and procedures accurately.

AcousTech recommended installing Wood Wool Acoustic Panels around the walls of the building, to create a section of sound absorptive material. For the best acoustic outcome, the panels were installed on timber batons with acoustic insulation in the cavity. The acoustic panels were colour matched to the existing halls finishes to ensure the treatment blends in.

Results Achieved by Avenue

Teachers and students are now able to use the multi-purpose hall more productively and far more comfortably. St Monica’s hosted their 2018 end-of-year concert in the newly finished hall, knowing that their audience would be able to hear and appreciate their musical performances properly.

What’s more, staff no longer have to shout to be heard during sports lessons, and the hall is now comfortable and pleasant for students to use.

A school representative expressed his appreciation of the treatment, telling Avenue, “At the end of the day, it’s done a good job. At the concert, it was good – excellent actually. An unusable room is now usable.”

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