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Acoustic Panels your Way

Why noise control doesn’t have to be boring!

Customised, sound-absorbing panels can improve the acoustics, sound quality and clarity of a space while reducing noise, echo, and reverberation. These panels allow you to achieve a quieter space without losing out on aesthetics.

The harmful effects of noise pollution

City life constantly supports background noise levels of 60 decibels – loud enough to raise blood pressure and heart rate, cause stress, loss of concentration, and sleep loss. People living in cities are regularly exposed to noise above 85 decibels from traffic, train stations, industrial activity, and airports, which can cause significant hearing loss over time.

And as we’ve discussed, hearing damage is irreparable. Eventually, the ability to hear sounds at specific frequencies simply vanishes.

Noise pollution, however, is found everywhere – not just in the streets of a busy city. A bank, a boardroom at work, and even your favourite restaurant can all have higher levels of echo and reverberation than are recommended. And over time, this exposure adds up.

While the prospect of protecting yourself from high levels of environmental noise can seem daunting, you can take steps that can help avoid hearing loss and other noise-related health issues by working to minimise interior noise.

A solution for every need and aesthetic

Customised acoustic panels can help reduce unwanted reflected sound in any room or space.

When both aesthetics and acoustics are paramount, custom acoustic panels address both needs. They are specifically designed to accomplish sound absorption and can be personalised to match any décor, style, or brand – they can even look like concrete!

Filled with acoustic insulation to absorb unwanted noise, and designed to minimise the amount of time a sound takes to stop echoing in an enclosed space, decorative panels can attenuate noise from one side of the panel to the other.

Some typical applications for acoustic panels include:

  • Reducing the echo, din, and reverberation of voices in large spaces, such as classrooms, multi-purpose halls, auditoriums, theatres, and concert halls
  • Reducing the chatter and din of voices in crowded spaces, such as bars and restaurants

Avenue’s ability to manufacture panels into custom configurations, shapes, fabric colours, styles, and screen-printed photographs, images, or logos allows us to create a wide variety of customised, decorative sound reduction systems for any number of commercial applications.

Calando Acoustic Panel

Calando Panels are a basic yet sophisticated 100% acoustic polyester panel designed for maximum sound absorption on any wall or ceiling surface. Available in white or black, they can also be custom covered with any Calando Rise fabric to suit your corporate colour scheme – or can even be printed with images.

These highly durable custom acoustic panels provide long-term stability and performance and come in four thicknesses:

  • 25mm,
  • 50mm,
  • 75mm
  • 100mm

Calando acoustic panel is fire rated to ISO 9705:1993; this standard specifies a test method that simulates a fire that under well-ventilated conditions starts in the corner of a small room with a single open doorway. The method evaluates the contribution to fire growth provided by a surface product using a specified ignition source. So if the worst ever happens in your space, you can be comfortable knowing that Calando acoustic panel will not enhance the fire.

Calando custom acoustic panel also has a microbial resistance rating – ASTM G21-15 growth rating of 0, which means it does not support the growth of mould and mildew.

The ASTM G21 is a qualitative test that employs a high concentration of spores from five different fungal species to determine the resistance of synthetic polymeric materials to fungal growth.

Talk to Avenue about the right acoustic panels for your space

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