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Acoustic Treatment for Toowoomba Christian College’s Art Room

Custom-printed panels add stunning artwork to a space

Toowoomba Christian College (TCC) is an amalgamation of four Christian Academies from across Australia:

  • Mountains Christian Academy,
  • Wahroonga Christian Academy,
  • Kingsway Christian Academy, and
  • Toowoomba Christian Academy.


When the schools began in 1979, they had only a small number of students and grades. By contrast, today, the College has hundreds of students in grades ranging from prep to year 12. This growth has led the College to construct new buildings and refurbish existing buildings.

The challenge

Toowoomba Christian College initially contacted AcousTech to design an acoustic solution for their new tech building. Noise control would be essential for the space since its design combined loud areas (such as the woodwork and metal workshops) next to quiet places like the theatrette and foyer.

This usage combination meant it was vital to correctly design the building’s acoustic treatment so that the noise from rooms did not impact other different spaces. 

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The Avenue Solution

AcousTech worked with the College and the architect to design a solution which would meet their needs, both acoustically and aesthetically. The solution incorporated different soundproofing and sound absorbing treatments for the theatrette, tech classroom, robotics and graphics classrooms, and foyers.

Avenue utilised products including Calando Panels, ECO Wall Tiles and Calando Acoustic Fabric, each with unique acoustic performance and aesthetics to match the requirements of the College’s various spaces. 

Toowoomba Christian College then requested AcousTech’s Senior Acoustic Engineer revisit their school to perform acoustic testing in some of their classrooms, which showed reverberation times above the recommended guidelines. Avenue Interior Systems recommended various acoustic panelling treatments for the classrooms; however, the school principal opted to postpone refurbishing the existing classrooms in favour of treating newly constructed buildings.

Following the completion of the new tech building, Toowoomba Christian College undertook a refurbishment of their old tech classroom, transforming it into a new state-of-the-art facility for their senior Visual Arts students.

One incredible feature of the new art rooms was a Custom Calando Panel, printed with a mural from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Adding cleverly designed lighting and recessing the panel into the ceiling made the mural not only a sound-absorbing panel but a beautiful piece of artwork.

Plain white Calando Panels were also used on other ceiling areas throughout the room. Calando One wall panels were used throughout as multi-purpose, sound-absorbing display boards for students’ artwork.

Results Achieved by Avenue

Noise control does not need to be boring! As shown by Avenue’s acoustic solutions provided to Toowoomba Christian College, noise control panels can define aesthetics and add stunning artwork to a room.

The acoustic solutions are performing very well in various spaces. So much so that the College plans to commission Avenue Interior Systems to provide acoustic treatment for more new buildings in the future.

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