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School Staffroom Noise Concerns Solved

Calando One Panels help teachers enjoy a more comfortable break

Students aren’t the only ones who struggle in a noisy classroom. Teachers do too!

Studies show teachers use their voices for about 60% of their workday. It’s little wonder then that talking in a loud classroom – and having to raise their voice to be heard over other noises – can strain a teacher’s voice, inevitably causing health problems.

The Challenge

When lunchtime rolls around, teachers just want to relax in the staffroom. They want to be able to talk to their colleagues without having to raise their voice. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible – certainly it wasn’t for teachers at Christ the King Catholic Primary School in Newcomb, Victoria.

Christ the King’s principal knew there was a noise concern with the school’s staffroom, but didn’t know where to begin to fix the problem. Fortunately, at that time Avenue Interior Systems were contacting schools to enquire whether they had noise issues that we could help with. When we contacted Christ the King, the principal jumped at the opportunity to work with us.

The Avenue Solution

Our team of experts from around Australia worked together to deliver a custom solution for Christ the King school. Avenue supplied new Calando One absorptive panels for use on the staffroom’s ceiling and walls.

Importantly for an education environment, Calando One is pin receptive, so it also doubles as a notice board for important announcements. There is no need to lose valuable wall space simply to install the acoustic panels.

Black and white QR code that takes visitors to the Avenue IS youtube page.
Scan the QR code to watch and listen to the school principal as they discuss the transformative impact of soundproofing in the lunchroom.

Results Achieved by Avenue

The school’s principal is thrilled with the quality of the product, and her staff are more relaxed after their breaks. She says her only regret is that she didn’t receive contact from Avenue sooner! The principal told our team she would have attended to the staffroom’s acoustics sooner if she had known about Avenue’s amazing products and service.

For more information on Calando One panels, contact the team today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.