A study revealed that teachers who work in schools with poor acoustics are much more likely to be dissatisfied and lacking in energy. The desire to change jobs is six times stronger for teachers who teach in classrooms with a long reverberation time, compared to their colleagues in other schools with acoustically sound classrooms.

The review also revealed that high noise levels for at least a quarter of the working day meant that teachers were less motivated and felt tired.

Therefore, teachers benefit from a place where they can retreat, share thoughts, hold meetings and come away feeling refreshed. Teachers spend 60-75% of their day using their voice. Most of this time is using elevated tones to be heard over outside noises or poor acoustics. Taking a break in a relaxing environment is necessary for their success, happiness and the education of their students.

However, like classrooms, many staffrooms are not acoustically sound. Teachers go to the staffroom for a reprieve to be greeted by the same issues they left behind in the classroom. Only this time they have adult voices, clattering chairs and cutlery noise to speak over.

Avenue Interior Systems range of products will improve noise in staffrooms to provide teachers with the rest they deserve.

Conversing in a cafeteria


Soundproofing the Christ the King staffroom Sound absorbing pinboard - Christ the King staffroom
Teachers enjoying a break in the staffroom Like classrooms, many staff-rooms have poor acoustics
Ceiling Soundproofing Primary School Staffroom Calando Panel Acoustic Ceiling - Christ the King staffroom
Ceiling noise control Studies show that teachers working in schools with poor acoustics are significantly more likely to be dissatisfied and lacking in energy

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