Sports Venue

The noise of the crowd at a sporting event can reach 137.6 dBA. This level of noise is comparable to standing 45 meters from a jet engine about to take off.  While the roar of the crowd is a significant part of the excitement of attending a sporting event it can be detrimental to your hearing.

Crowd noise is an excellent way to support your team, high levels of noise damage your ears, especially if you attend games regularly.

Sporting venues today can double as entertainment centres. Poor acoustics in the stadium will impact on how your favourite band will sound and could also impact the neighbours.

Avenue Interior Systems have products which are very effective in improving the acoustics in sporting venues. Your acoustic products will be specific to your requirements and could even match your team colours.

Avenue IS - Sports Venue


Avenue IS - Indoor swimming pool Avenue IS can treat sports venues, including - indoor swimming pools.
Avenue IS - Basketball Stadium The roar of the crowd in a sporting venue can sound as loud as a jet engine ready to take off.
Avenue IS - Yoga Studio Silence is essential to the outcome for some indoor sports venues.

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