Retirement Village

In recent years the retirement village has developed into thriving metropolises.

Many villages have multi-purpose halls, libraries, onsite Doctors’ surgeries and physiotherapists and even massage studios.  Most of the support services are in the one onsite location, creating a thriving hub of activity and potentially a lot of noise.

Acoustically treating the spaces allows multiple activities to coincide without disruption.

In communal areas, such as multi-purpose halls, libraries, activity areas and theatres noise must be controlled so the spaces are comfortable and usable for all residents.

In private areas, such as Doctors’ surgeries and massage studios, noise control is needed to ensure patient privacy and minimise noise impact from outside sources.

Avenue Interior Systems has solutions that will suit all applications to ensure each space maintains its ambience. Our products will be customised to suit your venue - there are various aesthetic styles, and you can even print your logo or artwork on selected noise control solutions.

AIS retirement village


Seniors enjoying each others company in a multi purpose space Retirement villages are increasing in popularity.
Seniors enjoying themselves Many activities can occur at the same time.
Seniors in an aged care facility Treating the space will make a more comfortable environment for everyone.

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