Research shows many people judge a store by its noise, and some avoid a store or leave before they even get inside because of its noise levels.

Most stores have no acoustic design, and no soft surfaces or furnishings to reduce all the noise that is created by shoppers, equipment and music.

Gymnasiums, Dance and Music Studios and Convention Centres are also critically noise-sensitive retail spaces.

A space that is too noisy can seem hostile, unsafe, overcrowded and uncomfortable, and creates a stressful experience for the client.

Retailers know that sales and user-satisfaction are related to dwell time, however if high noise levels are causing a client to feel stressed and unsafe they will leave sooner than they would if there were a pleasant soundscape.

While a noisier environment may appeal to some segments of the population, in the main people do not like the stress and uncomfortable feelings they experience when in an excessively loud space.

Gymnasiums and Dance Studios are expected to be noisy, however when noise levels are too high it makes conversing difficult, causes stress for users, and can contribute to mistakes through being not able to correctly differentiate instructions from background noise.

Studies show that by altering a retail space to make it acoustically comfortable, sales can increase by 3-10%. This could be done through the installation of acoustic wall coverings or ceiling coverings, along with the addition of carpeted floors and soft furnishings.

Avenue Interior Systems products are ideal for retail applications – whether it is a simple and unobtrusive acoustic ceiling tile, artistic acoustic wall tiles, or even a free-standing acoustic divider to section off a different area of the space.

Shopping Centre

Applications Include:

  • Gyms
  • Dance Studios
  • Music Studios
  • Shopping Centres
    Convention Centres

Project photos:

Moveable Office Soundproofing Avenue IS - Eco Flex
Acoustic Wall Panels On Concrete Wall Avenue IS - Retail Application
Ceiling Baffles Avenue IS - Baffles

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