Function Room/Recreation Centre

Function rooms and recreation centres are facilities which are open to the public for meetings, events and sports. Function Rooms/Recreation centres are often large shed-like buildings constructed of tin and brick. The inside design features allow for meetings, libraries, gyms and a cafe.

When designing each area, each space must have its ambience. For example, the indoor basketball courts will require different acoustics to the cafe.

In all spaces, it is essential to have optimal acoustics to cater to older adults who maybe hearing-impaired and young children who are still developing an understanding of how to interpret speech.

Poor acoustics can inhibit conversation, confuse hearing, make instruction difficult and can even be hazardous. If attending a musical event and the performers cannot be appreciated, the enjoyment of the event is missed. If attending a function and speeches cannot be heard, the importance of the occasion can be lost. If participating in an activity and guidelines are not clearly understood, injuries can occur.

Avenue Interior Systems acoustic products are the ideal solution for excessively noisy spaces. Our products' absorptive qualities reduce reverberated noise and echo and quieten down an area to ensure user satisfaction and comfort.

Kids racing in a recreation centre

Project photos:

Lack of acoustics in a Cafe can make it difficult for conversations In most recreation centres the layout is meeting spaces, studios, libraries, gyms and a cafe.
AIS Rec Centre It is imperative instructions can be heard by all visitors
High Angle View Of Empty Basketball Court A space that is too noisy can seem hostile, unsafe, overcrowded and uncomfortable

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