Open Plan/Call Centres 

Research indicates 25-30% of employees who work in an open-plan office complain about the acoustics. The dissatisfaction originates from the design of the open-plan office primarily being hard surfaces such as exposed ceiling beams, concrete and glass. 

The critical mistake with open-plan offices is the failure to consider how conversations and noise travel in an open space and how people interact with each other in the area. 

For example, an office environment that will benefit from excellent acoustics is a call centre. 

When you receive a call from a contact centre, you mostly cannot hear the person properly due to background clatter. This means even if the call is important you are often on the defensive. What needs to be known, however, is that complete eradication of noise is not what you need. Silence can be just as bad as high levels of noise. Acoustical tuning of an open plan office aims to get the right balance between ambient noise for privacy, and quiet for speech intelligibility. 

Avenue Interior Systems acoustic solutions are ideal for quietening down echo and improving the ambience of a call centre. Acoustic products have a variety of applications such as desk dividers, free-standing partitions or wall  applications.    

Call Centre


Collaborating in an open space The office acoustic environment must support the way people work and interact with each other
Working in an open plan office Understand the activities that take place in an office
Acoustics in an open plan office Open-plan working situations with hard surfaces promote noise by reflecting sound waves

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