Multi-Purpose Hall

A multi-purpose hall provides a well-equipped space suitable for a wide range of activities such as exhibitions, functions, musical performances, sports and speeches.

Large spaces can be noisy. A good design team will consider that and include surface elements such as acoustic tiles, or ceiling treatments that reduce excessive noise.

The shape of the room can also work against or in favour of good acoustics. Angling walls so that they aren’t all at a 90-degree angle can help to reflect soundwaves differently and avoid flutter echoes.

Adding acoustical treatment lowers reverberation and allows everyone to communicate easily without having to talk over the noise.

Avenue Interior Systems baffles and panels added to the room will enhance the sound as well as the aesthetics of the space.

Multi Purpose Hall

Project photos:

St Monicas Multi Purpose Hall Soundproofing Wood Wool Acoustic Panels - St Monica's Catholic College
Bunkers Hill Multi Purpose Hall Acoustic Transformation Wood Wool Acoustic Panels - Bunker's Hill State School
One School Global Condobolin Calando Acoustic Panels - OneSchool Global Condobolin

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