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Improving the Acoustics for a Community Hall

Hodgson Vale Community Sports Club benefits from Avenue’s experience

Improving your community hall’s acoustics can enhance the overall experience for both staff and clients – not to mention increasing venue hires!

Just ask the Hodgson Vale Community Sports Club, a community hall available for hire for weddings, functions large or small and fitness groups. Thanks to the variety of activities they host on-site, the team knew their acoustics had to be optimal.

The Challenge

With a lack of soft furnishings and extensive hard surfaces (including the ceilings, walls and floor), any sound made within the room was accentuated and reverberated around the space.

Noting that their hall was loud, echoey and uncomfortable, Hodgson Vale Community Sports Club contacted Avenue for advice.

The Avenue Solution

AcousTech attended the site to conduct Reverberation Time Testing. After this initial visit, the team collated a report which illustrated both the current situation and the potential benefits of installing acoustic treatment.

Based on AcousTech’s recommendations, Avenue Interior Systems drew up an acoustic treatment that would suit the community space. Throughout the entire process, Avenue worked closely with the client to select their ideal colours and installation methods. The new wall panels also needed to be movable to accommodate planned future renovations for the facility.

The complete solution featured white Calando Panels on the ceiling and Calando One in neutral shades on the walls. To allow for relocation of the wall panels in the future, Avenue Interior Systems designed a removable fixing method using an aluminium channel. The capping channel was powder coated to match the panel, creating a seamless result.

Results Achieved by Avenue

The results of the installation were beyond the club’s expectations. The improvements have created a more comfortable, more usable space for the community.

When asked how their project went, our client told Avenue, “The first night we had it done, we had about a dozen people in here, and I could hear the TV from the bar! We used to not be able to hear a conversation. It looks nice too!”

“It’s been perfect for people with hearing aids,” the client said. “The fridge just hums away in the corner, but there’s just no echo anymore!

For more information on Calando Panels or any Avenue Interior Systems products, contact the team today on 1300 827 177.

We look forward to Designing Your Silence.