The office acoustic environment must support the way people work and interact with each other. Open-plan working situations with hard surfaces promote unwanted noise by reflecting sound waves. Individual offices can also have this concern, along with privacy challenges.


Open-plan and collaborative working spaces have few dedicated quiet or focus areas. Hot-desking is common practice. With the lack of walls partitions, sound travels more freely in the open space. Everyone can hear all types of noise — printers, phones ringing, team meetings, and chit-chat from the breakout areas to name a few.

Private Offices 

Individual offices are increasingly becoming a precious commodity, reserved for people who need privacy.  However, having walls doesn't guarantee privacy or the ability to focus. Sound builds up in these offices, becoming distracting and stressful. Sounds can pass through poorly constructed walls, thin glass partitions and suspended ceilings, decreasing privacy and noise control.

Avenue Interior Systems supply phone boothsacoustic panelswall tiles, and custom-made sound control solutions to absorb soundwaves, and reduce sound transmission.

Business people working together on project in a corporate office

Project photos:

Compass house call centre Call centre
Graincorp meeting room noise control wall and ceiling panels Graincorp meeting room
Netherlands Consulate Reception - Acoustically Treated Netherlands consulate reception

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