Commercial Office Fitouts in Melbourne: Sounding Off on Noise
















For the ultimate in office noise control, Avenue Interior Systems offers a wide range of contemporary acoustic products perfectly suited to today's commercial applications.

Workplaces are adapting to the new demands of the business world. Private offices used to be prized, but now companies realise that open space has many advantages. From easier collaboration and increased innovation to reduced fitout and utility costs, there’s very little against the concept of open-plan office space. Very little, that is, except for noise. Employees list excessive noise as the number one issue in modern office design. All that open space is ideal for mini-meetings and the penetration of natural light, but it also means that sound can travel quite easily from section to section. Workers who need to make confidential phone calls to clients, or trying to focus on a complex task, can become distracted by the sheer volume of auditory input. Office fitouts for Melbourne businesses must accommodate the need for sound management techniques and materials. Manufacturers have caught on to this trend, and have developed materials that can be used to direct sound in specific directions, stop reverberation, and muffle excess noise.

Design Matters in Commercial Fitouts in Melbourne

Decades ago, there were not many options for acoustic materials in an office, and most offices used the same standard, uninspiring types of acoustic ceiling tiles and partitions. Modern technology, though, has caught up to the need for quieter workplaces, educational spaces, and exhibitions. Avenue Interior Systems uses this technology to help designers and architects get the best acoustic management out of their designs. Boring white ceiling tiles have expanded into padded, sound-absorbent panels of many sizes and colours which can be hung from ceilings, stood on the floor, and even attached to desks. Interior designers can take advantage of different textures and shapes to turn otherwise functional elements into seamless extensions of their design, or even integrate them into company branding with custom-made options. Avenue IS has an in-house acoustician who will analyse sound flow and determine what types of products would best benefit your plan. They have completed many commercial fitouts in Melbourne and can show you what the options are.

From the Desk on Up

Personal workspace size has shrunk over the last ten years or so. As more emphasis is put on collaborative efforts, companies have realised that group work space of varying sizes is more valuable than large personal workstations. As a result, individual space has become smaller – which means more people working in smaller spaces. One way to mitigate the increased noise is with the use of an ECOdesk panel that attaches directly to a desk. Avenue IS also offers décor-friendly panels that can hang from the ceiling or stand in critical areas to help limit ambient noise. These panels are also eco-friendly, and Greenguard Gold Certified. They not only use recycled materials but have very low levels of VOC emissions – all critical pieces for businesses either involved in environmental issues or seeking to achieve LEED status. The acoustic management systems that Avenue IS designs can blend seamlessly with functional and aesthetic plans to ensure continuity of design.