Childcare Centre

A Childcare Centre has an obligation to the children in their care. Managers and staff working in Early Learning Centres strive to take care of their charges' physical, social, educational and emotional needs.

A person's ability to decipher sound doesn't develop until their early teenage years. So, in a childcare facility, if there is too much background noise or the room has echoes children will struggle to understand instructions and lessons. A misunderstanding at an early education level can have negative long-term impacts on a child's development.

The way hearing develops means children are still learning to interpret sounds at early education and primary education level.  This development makes noise control is imperative in an Early Learning Centre to meet children's needs.

Noise control solutions such as acoustic absorption panels like Calando Panel and ECO Wall improve child care centre acoustics, enhancing the sound quality of educational spaces and improving the playing environment.


Avenue IS - Childcare Teacher Educating Students

Project photos:

Soundproofing for concrete ceiling Calando Panel on Concrete Ceiling - Evolution Early Childcare Centre
Gorokan Preschool Wall Soundproofing Acoustic Pinnable Wall Covering - Gorokan Preschool
Maitland Preschool Ceiling Soundproofing Calando Absorbent Ceiling Panel - Maitland Preschool
Numurkah Kindergarten Pinnable Acoustic Wall Fabric - Numurkah Kindergarten

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