Crowded bar

Noise Control and Coronavirus

Why it’s important to keep the noise down in pubs and restaurants A recent article (28/02/20) references the UK Government’s Coronavirus Regulations, including noise restrictions for bars, clubs, and restaurants. The regulations state that “a person responsible for carrying on a business of a public house, café, restaurant, or bar (including a bar in a […]

Noise and traffic

The Importance of Addressing Noise Sensitivity

Reducing the impact of noise on workplaces and schools The 1905 Nobel prize-winning bacteriologist Robert Koch famously predicted that “one day man will have to fight noise as fiercely as cholera and the plague”. Recent studies would indicate that his prediction is now very close to coming true! Noise, defined as ‘unwanted sound’, has gradually […]

Noise and childhood mental health

Noise and Childhood Mental Illness

This article is difficult to write as a sufferer of anxiety and a parent to three young children. While researching the impacts of noise and mental health, the information we found was shocking, especially concerning children. Research conducted in 2013-2014 discovered that 17% of boys and 11% of girls had mental illnesses. Sadly, this number […]