Noise and traffic

The Importance of Addressing Noise Sensitivity

Reducing the impact of noise on workplaces and schools The 1905 Nobel prize-winning bacteriologist Robert Koch famously predicted that “one day man will have to fight noise as fiercely as cholera and the plague”. Recent studies would indicate that his prediction is now very close to coming true! Noise, defined as ‘unwanted sound’, has gradually […]

Noise and childhood mental health

Noise and Childhood Mental Illness

This article is difficult to write as a sufferer of anxiety and a parent to three young children. While researching the impacts of noise and mental health, the information we found was shocking, especially concerning children. Research conducted in 2013-2014 discovered that 17% of boys and 11% of girls had mental illnesses. Sadly, this number […]

Outisde office noise

Soundproofing a Wall

A little more technical than our regular posts, but understanding the technical side of soundproofing a wall is information we believe you may find helpful in your acoustics journey. Sound is transmitted directly through a wall structure and indirectly through noise flanking paths (It occurs when noise becomes structure-borne and finds a route around an isolated […]

Adding a couch to an office environment

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Noise in your Open Plan Office

Clever ideas to help you aim for happier, more productive employees Noise is one of the most common complaints of employees working in corporate office settings. And that’s especially the case in open-plan offices, where employees are situated together in a large space with no separation. If you’ve ever worked in such an environment, you’ll […]

Calando acoustic panel

Acoustic Panels your Way

Customised, sound-absorbing panels can improve the acoustics, sound quality and clarity of a space while reducing noise, echo, and reverberation. These panels allow for our clients to achieve a quieter space without losing out on aesthetics. The Harmful Effects of Noise Pollution City life constantly supports high noise levels – levels loud enough to raise […]