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Solving a Noise Issue for a Regional Community Hall

Calando Panel reduces reverberation and absorbs sound

Lachlan Shire Council were excited to build a new community hall in Condobolin in late 2017 to host specialty events, ranging from dances to community meetings. Unfortunately, they soon discovered that their new space presented challenges with excessive noise.

In fact, the noise issues (also known as reverberation) were so severe that the hall was hardly usable. Some events had to be relocated to other venues, or held outside the hall.

To understand the cause of the hall’s noise issue, Lachlan Shire Council had an acoustician perform sound tests in the hall. They hoped this would help determine the ideal solution to reduce noise.

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The challenge

To pinpoint the exact noise issue, the acoustician burst balloons in the hall to generate a short, sharp “crack” sound. They then measured the reverberation time from this noise.

The ideal reverberation time for this type of building is 0.8-1.2 seconds. Amazingly, the Condobolin community hall’s reverberation time was a whopping 8 seconds!

The cause? The community hall’s bare walls, its high bare ceiling, and the hard floors were causing sound waves to bounce back and forth, affecting conversations and music.

Avenue Interior systems worked with Lachlan Shire Council to devise a bespoke solution for the noise issues in their community hall.

The Avenue Solution

Avenue Interior Systems delivered and installed a quality solution consisting of 25 mm absorptive Calando Panels on 50% of the ceiling area, and two sections of 100 mm absorptive panel on the walls.

With their perforated surface, the wall panels do a great job of absorbing sound and reducing reverberation.

Results Achieved by Avenue

Avenue Interior Systems’ solution is both effective and aesthetic, and the hall can now be used for its intended purposes.

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