Thanks to ever-progressing technology and the reduction in the use of cash, the design and layout of branches are changing. Today, financial services staff are rarely behind security glass; instead, they walk around the open space to greet their customers. While this approach is welcomed as more personal, we can struggle to hear what is said, and we are more aware that others can listen to what we’re saying. No one wants the embarrassment of talking about late payments or credit issues in front of others; likewise, people don’t want to be overheard discussing savings and investment details.   

The refreshed look of most branches does nothing for the acoustics of the spaces. Sound reflects off the hard surfaces - windows, tiled floors and hard furnishings, making it difficult to have a confidential conversation.    

Avenue Interior Systems acoustic tiles and panels are ideal for quietening down echo and reflective noise created by hard surfaces - they absorb sound waves rather than reflecting them around a room.  

Bank representative standing at desk with computer

Project Photos:

Westpac In A Box Westpac - Customer interview space
Office Noise Reducing Wall Panels Westpac - meeting room
Bank of Melbourne Bank of Melbourne - meeting room

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