Acoustic Design

Get it right the first time. It's much more effective than trying to fix it up later.

Many architects and designers don’t take acoustics into consideration when designing a new space. They look at aesthetics, lighting, efficiency, every other aspect – but often acoustics is lost in the background.

That is, until the space is being used and the occupants are fed up with the discomfort, distractions, stress and health issues caused by the poor design.

A correctly acoustically designed space can increase staff satisfaction, efficiency, productivity and ultimately sales and customer satisfaction.

It is much more cost-effective and time saving to get a space properly designed by an acoustic engineer at the initial design stage, rather than trying to fix the mistakes with acoustic panels, barrier, insulation, doors and double-glazed windows once it is already built and being used.

Avenue Interior Systems has an in-house acoustic engineer through our sister company AcousTech – Our engineer is able to assist with assessment, designing, calculations, reporting, development applications and much more.

AcousTech - Modelling

Applications Include:

  • Design
  • Testing
  • Certification
  • Legal Reports


AcousTech - Modelling AcousTech - Modelling
AcousTech - Modelling AcousTech - Modelling
Avenue IS - AcousTech design Avenue IS - AcousTech design

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