Absorbing Office Noise: Why Canberra Businesses Should Consider Sound Absorption Panels for Improved Soundproofing
















For the ultimate in office noise control, Avenue Interior Systems offers a wide range of contemporary acoustic products perfectly suited to today's commercial applications.

Distractions are the enemy of productivity, especially in office settings where a quiet environment is crucial to conduct meetings or finish important work for clients. While it is simple for staff to tune out low or continuous noise, such as the hum of computer cooling fans or a busy printer, conversation proves a greater challenge. Even snippets of conversation you can barely understand can pull your mind off task. For the average office staffer, it can take up to 20 minutes or more to recover from distractions and return to on-task work. Is there a way to mitigate these problems while fostering a happier and more productive work environment?

Yes. With sound absorption panels, you can deploy office soundproofing in your Canberra location without the need to renovate the entire space. At Avenue Interior Systems, our team has a wealth of experience in both the development and installation of panels, special walls, and sound absorbing ceiling baffles. With an extensive and well-developed range of available products, there are many possible ways to approach acoustic solutions for your business. How? We have an excellent process in place for coordinating with your company to determine the best way to provide you with sound walls and more in Canberra.

Enhancing employee focus through office soundproofing in Canberra

When first engaged to work on a soundproofing solution for a business, conducting a prompt acoustic analysis of the premises is an important initial step. With a staff acoustician and proficiency in acoustic engineering, a site visit will allow us to determine the “sound profile” of your space. Knowing how sound travels in and around the office allows our team to design and suggest the most efficient sound absorbing panels for your Canberra office.

You might transform an entire wall into an absorption panel with our ECOfelt product — and make it a new space for employees to share ideas, as it easily works as a notice board too. After making determinations about the best products to use, our professional team can arrive to conduct an efficient and thorough installation. Adding these sound absorbing items to an office is ultimately a simple process, allowing your staff to return to work in the new and improved space with minimal disruptions.

Work in the most functional space possible

From our first point of contact with a new client to the final moment of installation, we place a high value on thorough and communicative customer service. While determining the best methods for providing your business with sound absorption panels in Canberra, we will take your needs and valuable feedback into account. With an extensive range of finishes available as well, it is a simple matter to match your new soundproofing to the existing aesthetic of the office. Ask us about our custom capabilities too; impress your clients with sound walls that feature your corporate branding. To explore more about the process ahead, visit our contact page.