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What is reverberation?

We refer to reverberation a lot throughout our website.  What is reverberation?  What issues does it cause and how do Avenue Interior System products help reduce reverberation in your spaces? According to hyper-physics – reverberation is the collection of reflected sounds from the surfaces in an enclosure like an auditorium.  It is a desirable property […]

Music Room Reverberation

Thomas Reddall High School in Campbelltown NSW had reverberation concerns in their music room. As a result, the school principal contacted Avenue Interior Systems in the hope we could solve the issues. The Music Room Issue The high school music room has collaborative spaces for students to practice, and quiet spaces for them to sit […]


Recyclable Calando Panels & Pump Coffee

Pump Coffee  needed a solution for their reverberation concern.  Due to our expertise in acoustic solutions we were able to deliver the perfect solution for Pump Coffee.    We recommended and installed our premium 100% recyclable Calando Panels.  The introduction of the panels addressed Pump’s issue with too much noise in their café, improving uncomfortable experiences […]

Community hall noise issue solved

Avenue Interior Systems Calando Panel makes Condo hall usable Lachlan Shire Council built a new community hall in Condobolin in late 2017 to host specialty events ranging from dances to community meetings. The noise issues (also known as reverberation) were so severe that the hall was hardly usable, and some events were relocated to other […]