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For the ultimate in office noise control, Avenue Interior Systems offers a wide range of contemporary acoustic products perfectly suited to today's commercial applications.

For most people in Melbourne, the place they spend most of their waking hours is at work. Because of this, it’s important for employers to make sure their commercial office facilities provide an atmosphere that keeps their staff focused and spirited. Happy, lucid employees have much higher rates of productivity than those who feel uncomfortable or depressed. What many people fail to realise is the vital role that a person’s everyday surroundings can play in determining their state of mind, especially when those surroundings are their place of business.

The Value of Commercial Office Designs in the Melbourne Area

Office interior design can be a Melbourne business owner’s best friend when it comes to boosting morale and maintaining focus in the workplace. Uplifting colours, modern, clean lines and many other features can be used to create a sense of gravitas, a feeling of serenity or an atmosphere of stimulation and creativity. However, the applications for commercial interior design don’t stop there. Some commercial interior designers working in Melbourne use unique materials in their office designs to provide extended functionality for the spaces they augment. Going beyond light and colour to address issues such as ambient noise, these solutions can be some of the most effective in an office designer’s toolkit. Melbourne businesses who take advantage of them often find themselves with much more productive working spaces.

Choosing Your Commercial Interior Design Company

If you’ve decided to look for office designers in Melbourne who can achieve such results, you may wish to refine your search criteria and focus on experienced providers. The amount of experience isn’t the only thing a client should consider, either. Additionally, look for companies who have specific success in soundproofing, and whose methods blend seamlessly into their design work. Ideally, designers will perform a detailed assessment of your space to determine its exact soundproofing needs. They may then disguise their soundproofing or noise reduction materials by incorporating them into designs as decorative hanging panels, felt, or even desks and other utilitarian structures.

Avenue Interior Systems is a subsidiary of Flexshield and one that has offered clients in numerous industries creative soundproofing designs across the Melbourne area. Our approach is focused equally on innovation and practicality; a blend of values that mirror those of many of our clients. We offer products such as ECOfelt, an insulation solution that also provides highly decorative and excellent sound reduction properties. The ECOdesk follows suit in that vein—a piece of furniture made from sound absorbent panels that will make each space it adorns more conducive to quality work.

Whether you choose to work with another company or us, it’s important to choose designers who take a similarly creative approach. Learn more about the various products that Avenue Interior Systems can provide for your office or enhance your knowledge of commercial interior design in general when you contact our offices and speak with a trained representative. Contact us today and discover how practical a makeover for your office can be.