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For the ultimate in office noise control, Avenue Interior Systems offers a wide range of contemporary acoustic products perfectly suited to today's commercial applications.

During the process of setting up a new commercial office or renovating an old one, it is important to give care and attention to more than just a basic layout — there are many important features to consider as well. Whether you are hosting clients for a discussion with your office designers in Canberra or entering a busy period before a deadline, a functional office incorporates more than open concepts and flowing spaces. Its design should also take into consideration the way sound travels in and around the office. An office with high ceilings may make for an impressive, expansive feeling of space, but it will also introduce a troublesome echo to many conversations.

Problems like these rob work spaces of comfort and closeness. It can be difficult to have a serious discussion with a client when it feels as if you are speaking from across a canyon even as you sit beside one another. The solution is to look at all the ways you can modify your office designs in Canberra to include acoustic dampening. Spacious rooms can retain an airy feel without a troublesome echo, and making these modifications can also allow a commercial space to take on additional character. Avenue Interior Systems provides experienced insight and acoustically certified products to enable the commercial interior designers in your office to work efficiently.

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Sound travels in complex ways, and some buildings can feature strange acoustics that plays tricks on your ears. It can even make having a conversation in a room uncomfortable. It isn’t a physical discomfort, of course — but it is a disruptive feeling. Bare concrete walls, for instance, often make a room feel cold and impersonal. That feeling is exactly the type of thing that your commercial interior designers avoid for your Canberra clients, so it has no place in your home office, either.

Avenue IS employs acoustic engineers whose understanding of sound allows them to conduct detailed analyses of properties like yours. By deploying tests and taking measurements, we can understand where sound originates and where it goes in your office. In some situations, resolving unpleasant acoustics can be as simple as using our free-standing ECOstrong panels in particular areas. In others, you might choose a mixture of visual and auditory improvements. The options are almost limitless.

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By involving Avenue Interior Systems in the office interior design for your Canberra business, you can solve problems before they ever become major issues. Do the bare walls or high ceilings of your new commercial space immediately present problems regarding your ability to have a quiet conversation? Allow our acoustic designers to go to work on creating options that will enhance your office and even excite your staff. From the visual pop of the ECO Felt walls to the contemporary designs of hanging ceiling baffles, there are many options from which to choose. Explore the way forward with our team by contacting us on 1300 827 177.