The Importance of Acoustic Considerations During Commercial Office Fitouts in Canberra
















For the ultimate in office noise control, Avenue Interior Systems offers a wide range of contemporary acoustic products perfectly suited to today's commercial applications.

The office is the engine of your business, driving both day to day operations and innovations for tomorrow. It is more than just a workplace, though: it is also a space for meeting clients, holding discussions amongst employees, and more. What is the common thread between all these things? Conversation — the communications between your staff and the flow of information in and around the office. That is why, while you evaluate what you need for new office fitouts in Canberra, you should strongly consider the interior acoustic qualities of your new business space. Why should it be at the forefront of your thinking?

Many employees report that they experience some level of dissatisfaction with the volume of noise in their workplace, particularly the sounds of conversation. The problem becomes especially apparent in larger and more open offices, where conversations from one end of the room could distract those working on the other side. Reducing these distractions can have a positive effect on productivity and employee workplace satisfaction at the same time. How can you accomplish that? At Avenue Interior Systems, we provide experienced insight and cutting edge acoustic products to assist with creating the most functional commercial office fitouts available in Canberra.

Incorporating noise reduction into office design

The exact acoustic product ideal for an office varies, and some will perform better in particular applications than others. To that end, we have developed a variety of products to mitigate the noise problems present in many commercial offices. Our ECO Range of products includes such options as the ECOwall, a noise reduction panel that has versatile uses in every application from a standard ceiling grid to hanging baffles. The ECOflex is a transportable and flexible sound absorption screen; blocking off areas of the office as required or opening the flow of conversation when needed.

With a professional acoustician on staff, determining the proper solution for your business is an expedient process. Through an understanding of your location and discussions on the specific problems you face, we can suggest which of our innovative ECO products will work best in your space. Our clients can count on complete service from beginning to end, handling all the necessary considerations at each step.

Leverage new tools for office fitouts in Canberra

Keep the engine of your office in good shape. Enable employees to work without distraction and to speak easily in a space that feels warmer and more enjoyable almost immediately. Whether you design commercial office fitouts in Canberra, provide consulting services, or work in another area, your business can benefit from a new approach to sound. Avenue Interior Systems is ready to step in as your partner, highlighting the ideal ways to improve your acoustics while also adding extra aesthetic appeal to the space. Allow us to design your silence. To learn more about our entire ECO range of products or to discuss our services, please call our offices on 1300 827 177.