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For the ultimate in office noise control, Avenue Interior Systems offers a wide range of contemporary acoustic products perfectly suited to today's commercial applications.

Modern office environments are diverse. Some are busy, bustling places, with workers consistently moving around, conferring with one another, talking on phones and otherwise getting their jobs done in anything but silence. Others are whisper quiet, cultivating atmospheres where you could probably hear a pin drop. Which side of the spectrum your company’s office environment falls closer to will depend on your industry and your company culture, among other factors. However, in either case, there is at least one type of noise almost every office could tune out: outside noise.

At Avenue Interior Systems, we specialise in the installation of noise reduction panels in Brisbane. These panels help cut down on the amount of outside noise that makes it passed your office walls and into your work environment. From traffic noise to loud neighbours, outside noise is an unwelcome distraction in any workplace—even if your office tends to have a bit more bustle than the average business space.

The Effect of Noise on Worker Productivity

Over the years, there have been countless studies across the globe on the consequences of noise on worker productivity. Almost without exception, these studies have determined that noise has a negative psychological impact on the employees in a workplace. At best, noise is a distraction. It pulls focus from the work at hand and can result in slower work times and lower quality of work.

These outcomes are not good for your business. Whether you are paying your workers salaries or hourly wages, you are ideally paying for their highest levels of focus, attention to detail and craft. In a noisy environment, it is difficult for employees to hold up their end of the bargain here. They are being distracted through no fault of their own, and that distraction is impacting their ability to do their jobs well. Hence, it is in your best interest to install noise reduction walls in your Brisbane office, if outside noise is a concern.

At worst, though, noise can be more than a distraction. It can increase irritability, thereby hurting the attitude and morale of your workers and negatively impacting your company culture. It can also lead to spikes in stress, which can have very real consequences for the mental health and well-being of your employees. On a long enough timeline, consistent noise levels in the office can create the kind of worker dissatisfaction and fatigue that leads to higher turnover and lower ratings for your business on employer review sites.

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A well-placed acoustic panel in your Brisbane office can help counter noise from the other side of your walls. Whether the sound is coming from a next-door office or an adjacent highway or construction site, a noise reduction panel can create a barrier and allow for a more acoustically appropriate office environment.

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